Waiting is an everyday experience that connects moments of grandeur as well as common. While we wait time materializes. Waiting leads to an experience that could be called a widened perception of our existential enduring – partially conscious, partially fragmented. These kinds of intuitions are vexingly uncomfortable. We fidget, pace, complain and consult our watches.

Time is like a divine law. It has become a constant to which we set and adjust our lives to, like clocks. When ‘time is money’ we lose the contact of time itself. The currency of a waiter – time – is worthless; it is consumed without receiving anything in return.

For a person who waits, space expands tediously and time slows. The time of waiting is intensive: it is felt, not thought. This series of photographs is an attempt to guide our attention, not to how we pass through waiting, but how and where we are in it. Not to the decisive moment of the end of waiting but to the aesthetics of it as such. The moment reaches its closure in the arrival of the bus.

Chromogenic colour print 40 x 40 cm (50 x 50 cm framed)

2004 – 2016